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Specialized in staff from Poland and South-Africa.

Polish workers are known to be well educated, technically skilled and thoroughly trained. They have an international reputation for being hard working professionals in any economic sector, from mining to construction. Both sectors are well developed in Poland. Its workers are prepared to work long shifts, easily up to 12 hours a day. Without complaints. Also, Polish workers are used to international travelling and working abroad. They know the English language and share an interest in foreign cultures. Polish workers fit in easily and have no problems with international relocation.

South African workers
 currently represent the largest immigration influx to Australia. That's for a reason: the South African labour market, by far the most competitive on the African continent, offers highly educated and trained professionals, from engineers with university degrees to experienced tradesmen. South Africans are known to be easy adaptors to new cultures. Living and working in Australia is a piece of cake for them: they speak English fluently, are used to driving on the left hand side, and share a similar climate with the Australians. Like Australia, South Africa has well developed mining and construction sectors.